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Empower your sales team for high performance through live and on-demand skill development led by life science sales experts and a dynamic community for sharing and collaboration.

  • Uplevel your individual or team's skills
  • Access to 100s of resources and tools
  • Connect and network with your peers
  • Grow your company with consulting services
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Welcome to Sales: Accelerator


This is a 4-week program that will give you the sales skills, network, and everything thing else you need to not only land a sales role, but hit the ground running with success!

*This is only for those that are serious about making the shift from the lab into sales.*

Learn How to Sell to Scientists

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Whether you're an individual who wants to take their sales career to the next level, or an executive at a startup, we have something for you.

Sales Reps

You could be “one skill away” from consistently exceeding your quota

Succession helps you...

  • Fill your pipeline with more opportunities
  • Drive urgency by uncovering high priority problems
  • Dismantle your competition and win competitive deals
  • Advance your career to the next level

Sales Leaders

Scale your life science sales team and hit your growth targets

Succession helps you...

  • Find your product market fit
  • Feed your team with high quality meetings
  • Hire the best hand picked sales talent
  • Upskill & train your whole sales team


Leave the lab and start your career in life science sales

Succession helps you...

  • Learn the skills needed to succeed in scientific sales
  • Find the right type of company to work for
  • Crush your interviews leaving the hiring managers in awe
  • Hit the ground running in your first 90 days on the job
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Courses and Training


We have dozens of on-demand training courses and are consistently adding new ones. We'll create custom learning paths and action plans for each rep based on your specific sales strategy.

Welcome to Sales Crash Course

Objection Handling

IntRo & Advanced Prospecting

Magnetic Messaging

Mastering Technical Sales Discovery

Frontline Sales Management

The Science of Closing

The Science of Closing

Using AI in sales

And much more...

Lead Generation

Book more meetings with your ideal prospects

It's harder than ever to close deals. This means you need more active pipeline coverage to hit your revenue targets.  It takes time to get meetings and then convert those meetings into revenue. If you're not actively investing in lead generation, can you afford to wait? What will your pipeline look like in 3 months? 6 months?

❌ Not enough pipeline

❌ Losing too many deals

❌ Not enough inbound leads

❌ Messaging doesn't resonate

❌ Reps are missing quota

❌ Unpredictable revenue

❌ Sales & marketing alignment

❌ Missed revenue forecasts

Our Mission

Scientific excellence shouldn’t be held back by poor commercial execution. We aim to provide the greatest impact on human health by accelerating the growth of scientific products and services. The more companies we help take their products to market, the greater impact we have on patient outcomes.

life science sales toolkit

  • Hit your quota formula: Know exactly how many opportunities and activities you need to hit your quota.
  • 19 Email Frameworks: Get more replies to your outbound emails by using frameworks proven to work
  • 60 Technical Discovery Questions: Drive urgency in your deals through problem identification, root cause analysis, and business impact questions
  • Business Case Template: Enable your champion to sell on your behalf when you can't be in the room
  • Deal Health Checklist: Close your deals on time by answering these questions
  • Closing Process Checklist: Follow the exact steps needed to get your deal over the finish line.
  • End of Quarter Negotiations: Maximize revenue and sanity during these highly stressful moments
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Sales Rep Toolkit

Who are we?

Harrison Waid

I started my career in software sales but found my love for biotech. I've led teams across the commercial organization including Sales, Marketing, Enablement, RevOps, and Customer Success. I've grown and supported sales teams from 0-60+ reps. My passion and expertise is building systems and processes that drive revenue today but set a solid foundation for scale. I advise and work with multiple start-ups from £0-50M in revenue.

Nicholas Clare

I have worked in the Pharma/Biotech space for over 20 years. I started my career at the bench working my way up to lead team and company lab operations. In the the later stage of my career I have focused on commercializing fast paced, high growth biotech companies, leading sales and operations as well as being highly involved in marketing and enablement. I have a passion for leadership, revenue growth and ultimately getting patients access to the best science and therapies.

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Welcome to the community! Check your inbox for a free gift.
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  • Decide if we're the right partner

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