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Scientifically relevant messaging

We've been in the biotech space for decades and have worked with a number of different clients across applications and drug discovery phases. This gives us a unique advantage for writing highly relevant messages that get scientists to reply.

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Relevant messaging
Targeted list building

Targeted List building

We use a number of different data providers to build highly targeted lists for academics, biotech, and pharma. By working with us, you don't need to pay for all of these expensive tools.

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Optimized Email Deliverability

If your email infrastructure isn't set up properly, there is a good chance your messages are landing in spam and you don't even know it. We create a modern email infrastructure that protects your main domain and gives your emails the best chance of landing in the primary inbox.

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Email deliverability
client portal

Complete Transparency

Unlike most other lead generation agencies, we don't hide anything from you. We give you full access into a client portal where you can see every email sent, reply received, and the health of every campaign. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your team.

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What are people saying?

“Succession has been invaluable in improving our sales processes. They helped us understand our ideal customer profile, refined our messaging and communication channels, and gave us a comprehensive operational plan for success. If you are a technical founder or sales leader in the life sciences, I highly recommend partnering with Succession if you're looking to drive growth in your company.”

CEO - German based product and services company

“I’ve worked with Nick and Harrison a few times now. They really understand how to build repeatable prospecting processes that work. We tried cold email ourselves with little to no success. Within the first week of launching our campaign with Succession, we identified 4 new opportunities!”

CEO - US based service provider

“We brought on Succession to help increase the number of opportunities we could feed our sales team. Within one quarter we ended up closing 4x more business than the previous quarter.”

VP of Sales - UK based service provider

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