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Life science Sales training is broken

You can find lots of tips and training on how to sell, but sadly, not enough are purpose built for life science sales.

Scientists who want to leave the lab to earn more money or help others through sales careers often don't get the right training and tools.

Once hired, most companies don’t train or onboard their newly hired sales people appropriately. They’re expected to go through a week of product training and immediately hit the ground running.

This makes it difficult for experienced sellers to hit their goals, and leaves new sellers wondering if they picked the wrong career path.

There has to be a better way!

Uplevel My Sales Skills
A frustrated sales rep with his head in his hand
Sales rep selling to a scientists

The future is yours

We’re building the #1 community for experienced and aspiring life science sales professionals.

You’ll take your life science sales skills and income potential to life-changing levels with online courses created by the top life science sales professionals.

You’ll connect with and learn from your peers that are going through the same ups and downs as you are.

You’ll have access to 100s of resources and tools so you never have to start from scratch again.

If you’re interested in leveling up your sales career, sign-up today!

Uplevel My Sales Skills

What do Succession Members Get?

Life science Sales Training

This isn't your normal sales training done by a consultant who doesn't know the industry and hasn't sold in 20 years.

You get live and on-demand training from the best biotech sales reps in the industry with the techniques they use right now to exceed their quota.

Learn the unique skill of selling to scientists and take your career to the next level.

Uplevel My Sales Skills
old vs new training

templates and resources

Don't try and recreate the wheel. There are reps that have been there and done that. Use the tools and resources that are proven to work.

You'll get instant access to 100s of resources and templates you can start using right away.

The resource library is constantly growing with the knowledge from the community.

Uplevel My Sales Skills

Tap Into The Wisdom of 100s of life science sales reps

The Succession community is one of the top resources for life science sales professionals looking for a sounding board outside of work.

You can post questions, join events, or have discussions on topics covering everything from prospecting and closing to hiring and strategy.

Succession can be your sounding board. A community of life science sales reps who have been there or are doing the same things you are.

Uplevel My Sales Skills
Tap into wisdom

Courses and Training

Sales training programs

We have dozens of on-demand training courses and are consistently adding new ones. We'll create custom learning paths and action plans for each rep based on your specific sales strategy.

Welcome to Sales Crash Course

Objection Handling

IntRo & Advanced Prospecting

Magnetic Messaging

Mastering Technical Sales Discovery

Frontline Sales Management

The Science of Closing

The Science of Closing

Using AI in sales

And much more...

What are people saying?

Who is it for?

If you're currently or want to be in sales, business development, or support a sales team and sell solutions to scientists, this community is purpose built for you.

✅ Account Managers

✅ Business Development

✅ Sales Leadership

✅ Field Application Scientists

✅ Sales Development

✅ Technical Sales

✅ Enablement & Training

✅ Aspiring sales reps

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?


We have a free 7-day trial so you can give it a try and decide if you like what the community has to offer. If not, you can cancel anytime. No hassle.

Who should sign up?


If you're currently or want to be in sales, business development, or support a sales team and sell solutions to scientists, this community is purpose built for you.

Can I expense my membership?


Most likely, you can. Here is a template you can send to your boss to get approval.

Many sales teams give their reps education and development stipends.

We price our membership and courses to be affordable enough for you to use your stipend on them.

Can I sign up my whole team?


We have custom plans specific for teams. Check out the FOR TEAMS page and schedule a meeting with us.

Can I become an Ambassador or host my own training?


Absolutely! We are always looking for top talent to share what they know with the community. Just email harrison@succession.bio and let us know what topic you want to train on or why you'd make a great Ambassador.

How is this different than other sales training or communities?


We focus on actionable tactics and strategies you can use right away to close more deals. Plus, you get to learn from the top reps in the industry that using these techniques today!

Most communities and training is based on theory and generalized across industries. As we know, selling to scientists isn't something you can learn from a sales trainer who hasn't sold in 20 years and doesn't know the industry.

Still have questions? Email us at harrison@succession.bio

life science sales toolkit

  • Hit your quota formula: Know exactly how many opportunities and activities you need to hit your quota.
  • 19 Email Frameworks: Get more replies to your outbound emails by using frameworks proven to work
  • 60 Technical Discovery Questions: Drive urgency in your deals through problem identification, root cause analysis, and business impact questions
  • Business Case Template: Enable your champion to sell on your behalf when you can't be in the room
  • Deal Health Checklist: Close your deals on time by answering these questions
  • Closing Process Checklist: Follow the exact steps needed to get your deal over the finish line.
  • End of Quarter Negotiations: Maximize revenue and sanity during these highly stressful moments
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