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sales skills of your Life science sales team

Engineer your sales team's DNA. Succession is the quickest way to sharpen your team's sales skills on the latest techniques proven effective in today's selling environment. Whether through live workshops on modern prospecting or personalized training programs tailored to each rep's unique abilities, we'll ensure your team operates at peak performance.

Salespeople growing their skills at companies like:
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A new approach to sales training is needed

How We Work With you

Assess your skill gaps

The training your new sales hires need is completely different from your experienced reps. We start with a skill assessment by rep and manager to know exactly what skills each rep needs to improve. Then build a curated skill development plan.

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Personalize Skill development
reduce stress level


We help take the burden off of you as a sales leader. Let us be an extension of your team to handle their sales skill development. This allows you to focus on the key strategic drivers that will move the business forward.

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Always fresh content

We're constantly adding new courses, workshops, and resources. Reps can access training through a number of ways: On-demand community powered courses, live virtual workshops, or in-person training sessions.

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Fresh and flexible platform
onboard and promote

Onboard and Promote

Don't start from scratch. Integrate curated learning programs into your onboarding program. Build promotion-readiness paths to prepare your reps to crush their next role.

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Courses and Training

Personalized training programs for your team

We have dozens of on-demand training courses and are consistently adding new ones. We'll create custom learning paths and action plans for each rep based on your specific sales strategy.

Welcome to Sales Crash Course

Objection Handling

IntRo & Advanced Prospecting

Create Magnetic Messaging

Mastering Technical Sales Discovery

Frontline Sales Management

The Science of Closing

Negotiation Skills

Using AI in sales

And much more...

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Uplevel your Sales Team

Personalized training programs for your team

  • Top-rated courses by top sales professionals

  • Curated courses based on team and individual skill gaps
  • Modern up to date engaging sales training

  • Digital, remote friendly, self-paced learning

  • Access to the #1 life science sales community