Life Science Sales ToolKit

From territory planning to closing deals, every part of the sales process is important.

We built this toolkit to give the resources you need to optimize each part of your sales process.

What's Included:

  • Hit your quota formula: Know exactly how many opportunities and activities you need to hit your quota.
  • 19 Email Frameworks: Get more replies to your outbound emails by using frameworks proven to work
  • 60 Technical Discovery Questions: Drive urgency in your deals through problem identification, root cause analysis, and business impact questions
  • Business Case Template: Enable your champion to sell on your behalf when you can't be in the room
  • Deal Health Checklist: Close your deals on time by answering these questions
  • Closing Process Checklist: Follow the exact steps needed to get your deal over the finish line.
  • End of Quarter Negotiations: Maximize revenue and sanity during these highly stressful moments

Download the toolkit today and as a bonus, you'll get weekly sales tips on how to improve your skills selling to scientists.

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